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Here at LMF Marketing we’re passionate about providing effective, results-driven marketing solutions. Specialising in working with businesses that are turning over above $500,000P.A, we’re able to assist your business in growing to the next level. Because what got you to here, won't get you to there!

We offer a range of digital marketing solutions and are more than happy to sit down to discuss your business and marketing goals, and find out if we’re a good fit for each other. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact, we would love to hear from you and talk over your marketing strategy in more detail.

I'm Lauren Fraser, Director & Head Strategist.

I founded LMF Marketing because I was sick of seeing businesses struggle to navigate the world of online marketing, and regularly get forgotten by large agencies.

Hey, go-getter! Get ready, I'm about to show you how fun & effective digital can be.

I could create my own path and build an agency that i was actually proud to work at.

I realised something. I could create a digital agency that reflected my own values and work ethic.

Always remain dynamic & responsive to your needs and the market trends.

Provide exceptional multi-channel strategies that impact your growth.

Be more than just a marketing agency - we're part of your team!

Everything we do in our agency is based on our clients. we've placed you at the centre of our vision! Our goals reflect this:

Our mission is pretty simple really, and it's all about YOU

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I hated working in one of Australia's biggest digital agencies, the only thing that mattered was our own sales KPI's... rather than the results we were providing or the customer satisfaction.  I wasn't cut out for it!

My focus was on supporting my clients the best I could. So I knew I had to step away. It was scary to take the risk, but I'm so glad I did.

Through the ups & downs of self-employment, I have built a team around me that is able to deliver exactly what I envisaged all those years ago whilst day-dreaming...

An agency that feels like your own marketing team, which is able to deliver amazing results across channels and grow with your business over time.

But I knew I wanted to swap sleazy sales in for honest results 

Sounds scary right? It was.

Lauren x

When you have a strategic marketing plan in place you feel confident you are doing the best you can to support your business.

You understand the purpose and benefits of each channel, and you know you're focussing on the right ones for your goals.

You have a team there ready to support you, to bounce ideas off and also set you straight when shiny object syndrome kicks in.

So here's the sign you were looking for to take that next step and start playing big in your business!

if you haven't realised by now... my mission is to help business owners just like you.

Meet the team

SEO Tech & Google wizard


Google Ads power-player


Facebook Ads & Paid ads genius


Email marketing extraordinaire


Account Manager & Social magician


Director, Strategist & Your Go-to Gal


E-Commerce Ads expert


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

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Support Squad

Meet Our C.N.O

Charlee is first one to the desk every morning, and she will be there all day long (albeit underneath napping)

Chief Nap officer

Everybody's checking their emails! But they're only opening the juiciest, most relevant ones. We create click-worthy EDMs.

email marketing

Let's do this

Everyone's hanging out there... but it's not just Facebook, your audience may also be on Insta, TikTok, LinkedIn or Pinterest as well.

social media marketing

We're talking increased visibility and traffic to your website from Google. Yep, getting your biz in front of those searching for it!

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Ready to be wildy successful?

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Download the list of the best SEO tools to use on your website to improve load speed. I've included the must-haves, as well as those to use on the slowest, common website platforms; WordPress & Wix. You'll be loading at speed after this!

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Whether you have a new or existing site, no matter what platform you're on, irrelevant of your level of expertise... you can use my SEO Checklist to optimise your website and ensure it's spick & span for Google and customers alike!

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Welcome intrepid business owner! I can't wait to hear from you and see what magic we can make online.

Lauren x