Often business owners tell marketers that their top priority for their marketing campaign is to increase sales. They want to make more money, which they assume means they need to acquire new customers rapidly. Therefore, customer retention is often overlooked and underestimated. However, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase business profits by up […]

Top 4 Customer Retention Tips to Maximise Customer Lifetime Value

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I’ll let you know straight up, this is a long one! But, it’s packed full of very relevant info that not only concerns business owners, but any Australians who use the internet.   Though there’s a couple of big things happening in the industry right now, let’s start first with the divisive News Media Bargaining Code that […]

Australia Vs Tech. The News Media Bargaining Code & what you need to know…

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As a small business wanting to grow, scale and make an impact, having a website that supports your business is instrumental, because your website is your ‘online home’ and your online home should be welcoming, attract your ideal clients and customers, be modern and useable. Squarespace is a website platform that will do just that, […]

An Introduction to Squarespace for Small Business Owners

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Heard of Metadata in SEO but not sure what it is? As soon as you start dipping your toes into search engine optimisation, this word starts to pop up quite a lot. And honestly, there’s no reason you should know it prior to when you start with SEO. It’s very much data and Google-lingo. But […]

What Is Metadata In SEO?


Have you been wondering what SEO is in digital marketing and whether it’s right for your business? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it’s been around for a while now. It’s an internet marketing tactic that has grown with the rise of Google and online search. Google is a search engine, just like Bing, […]

What Is SEO In Digital Marketing?


Searching For The Best GIFs on Instagram Stories Was it just me, or did you also struggle to find the perfect GIF when it came time to sharing your Insta story? I would come across awesome little GIFs in the trending sections, and then next time I try to find them… impossible!! So, I’ve made […]

How To Find the Cutest GIFs for Your Instagram Stories

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Pivot Your Business to Online Quickly I don’t need to discuss why you need to read this, so how about we move right past that bit and dive into the importance of pivoting your business and how to quickly establish an online presence… 1.       Set up a website quickly I highly recommend Squarespace for most […]

How to move your business online quickly

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What impacts website load speed in 2020? There’s nothing worse than landing on a website and it takes ages to load or fails to completely. Though the days of dial-up are only recent history really, we’ve progressed a long way in our tech and expectations for website performance. We have a very low patience for […]

What causes your website to load slowly?


Yikes, the trends for 2020 in digital marketing have been laid out by the master himself, Neil Patel… and they’re not looking as pretty as hoped. But, if you’ve been active in the space for quite a while, you won’t be surprised at all. Firstly, he’s saying it like it is… the digital space is […]

2020 Digital Marketing Trends & what they mean for small business

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Working With a Digital Agency in 2020   As 2019 comes to a close and the year slowly starts to wind down, are you thinking about your marketing efforts in 2020? 2020 is set to be a huge year I think, with individuals and businesses putting the 20-teens behind them and whole-heartedly stepping into the […]

Why You Should Work With a Digital Agency in 2020

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Download the list of the best SEO tools to use on your website to improve load speed. I've included the must-haves, as well as those to use on the slowest, common website platforms; WordPress & Wix. You'll be loading at speed after this!

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Whether you have a new or existing site, no matter what platform you're on, irrelevant of your level of expertise... you can use my SEO Checklist to optimise your website and ensure it's spick & span for Google and customers alike!

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