Yikes, the trends for 2020 in digital marketing have been laid out by the master himself, Neil Patel… and they’re not looking as pretty as hoped. But, if you’ve been active in the space for quite a while, you won’t be surprised at all. Firstly, he’s saying it like it is… the digital space is […]

2020 Digital Marketing Trends & what they mean for small business

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Working With a Digital Agency in 2020   As 2019 comes to a close and the year slowly starts to wind down, are you thinking about your marketing efforts in 2020? 2020 is set to be a huge year I think, with individuals and businesses putting the 20-teens behind them and whole-heartedly stepping into the […]

Why You Should Work With a Digital Agency in 2020

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A Holistic Approach to Digital Marketing for Small Businesses You would have heard many times over one or more of the following statements; “Content is King” “You HAVE to have a social media presence” “E-mail marketing has the best ROI” “You need to optimise your website for Google” “Every business should be writing regular blogs” […]

Why Every Small Business Needs To Have a Holistic Approach to Digital Marketing

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Ready to Take Control of Your Insta? I know, I’ve been there… Instagram can feel overwhelming; it’s time consuming, you need to realllly think about your strategy for it to work, you’ve already got other more pressing things to do for the business… the grievances go on. Look, I’m sorry to sound like a broken […]

Instagram Cheat Sheet for Dentists

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Implement These Local SEO Tactics For Your Beauty Salon or Wellness Practice Now we have covered basic items for you to consider and potentially take action on in the previous blog, let’s look in more detail at specific things you can do regularly to help effectively market your day spa.   Optimise Your GMB Listing […]

SEO Tactics You Can Implement for Local Presence


3 Digital Marketing Tips for Your Beauty Salon to Action, ASAP! Are you stretching yourself too thin by trying to do too much for your day spa or salon? It can be exhausting and feel like there’s not nearly enough hours in the day. And that’s just when you’re managing your own spa! Add on […]

3 Essentials for Your Digital Marketing Success

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