Create personalised content, gain valuable consumer insights, increase your sales and leads, share promotions efficiently and effectively, and provide a friendly “nudge” to remind your customers to follow through with their purchase or inquiry.

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Email Marketing is a fast, efficient and effective way to reach new potential customers with incentives and sales, and retain existing, loyal customers leading to repeat purchases.

99% of consumers check their emails more than once a day, and email is the most preferred platform that consumers like to receive communication from brands.

Are you struggling to promote your products and services to reach the right audiences?

Are you looking for an engaging, effective way to update your customers and clients on your business and promotions?

Are you seeing a lot of traffic on your online store, but a large percentage of abandoned carts?

Does this sound like you?

Brisbane Email Marketing Specialists That Drive Real Revenue From New & Existing Leads

Welcome & nurture sequences
Browse reminders & abandoned cart follow-ups
Promotional & sales incentives
Engagement & announcement newsletters
Automated email flows based on user behaviour
Automated audience segmen

What's covered within email marketing:

Email Marketing considers a customer’s online journey- which is never linear.

As 21st century consumers who can shop anytime, anywhere, we are constantly interrupted. It is common for consumers to begin online shopping whilst doing other things, such as when they’re on their morning commute, whilst cooking dinner, watching a television show late at night, or anything in between. Consider that they are looking through your products, adding items to cart, but get interrupted - their train gets to their stop, their pasta boils over, their phone rings, etc- and they get distracted, forgetting about the online shopping they were in the middle of.

A simple email reminder jogs their memory and gets them back on track to finalising a purchase.

Or, maybe they decided, after shipping costs, tax, and everything added up, that the price was a little more than anticipated, or they changed their mind. Offering them an extra incentive, like free shipping or 10% off in a gentle follow up may persuade them to go ahead with the purchase. By understanding consumer behaviour and psychology we can implement robust email infrastructure for your business, setting up the systems that will automate your sales processes and nurture customers and clients over the long term.

Build relationships and turn one-time customers into loyal, repeat customers who are incentivised to buy from your brand again and again. Email Marketing is a powerful tool to nurture your customer base, increase sales, keep your customers informed about promotions, new products or services and updates within your business.

We work with Klaviyo, Active Campaign, Flodesk and Mailchimp, and are flexible enough to work with your current email marketing platform.


Effective Email Marketing Campaigns Brisbane

60min monthly strategy session to outline & refine campaign direction.
The development & scheduling of the selected Packages' custom email campaigns.
Detailed overview reporting on performance analytics, vs industry benchmarks.
Ongoing optimisations to improve performance month-on-month.
Monthly account audit of ESP, including any required maintenance across segments, integrations & workflows.
Content planner with a comprehensive overview of the email campaign content & details.

all monthly campaign management includes

3x custom email campaigns

from $2,000+gst


2x custom email campaigns

from $1,400+gst


ongoing monthly management
1x Custom email campaign

from $840+gst


monthly email marketing support available

Discovery session to outline objectives.
Set up or transfer of email service provider to Klaviyo or Active Campaign.

Automation blueprint & customer Journey mapping.
Development & implementation of respective workflows.
Design & development of outlined emails, including copywriting & creative.
Technical Integration to website or external lead forms.
Audience segmentation to support selected workflows.
Reporting dashboard set-up.

all set-up packages include

6 Custom Sequences Mapped, Designed & Created (up to 12 emails total)


from $4,200+gst

for medium & expanding businesses

4 Custom Sequences Mapped, Designed & Created (up to 8 emails total)


from $2,800+gst

for small & start up businesses

2 Custom Sequences Mapped, Designed & Created (up to 4 emails)


from $1,500+gst

for micro & local businesses

Our Email Automation Set-up Packages

These bold business owners partnered with us. Will you? 

Sofie, Botanica Day Spa

We have been working with Lauren for quite a few years now and can say she is so pleasant to work with. She is very detailed and thorough and we have seen some amazing results from working with LMF Marketing. Highly recommend Lauren and her amazing work!

Andrew, Cake In A Box

All of the deep digital marketing, SEO and technical knowledge you'd expect from a big digital marketing firm but with the understanding, patience and care of a trusted partner. Lauren's strategies have allowed our business to steadily grow with a mixture of Google, FB/Instagram and Email marketing with healthy returns.

Jiveny, Dating Coach

I love how this woman works! She makes SEO and social media marketing easy for small business owners and I can't wait to keep growing my business with her! :-)

Suz, Bare Roots

I have been working with Lauren for over a year now and her communication and work ethic is incredible. She has taught me so much and is always filled with great ideas.

Lauren, Seriously Sorted

Lauren is a Digital Marketing and SEO genius! She has a super genuine and friendly approach to a topic that is very daunting to me! 

Valerie, Oceanview Kiama

You have done amazing work in giving us the very best results we have ever had! 99% of bookings are now coming directly and how good is that!!!

Chris, SMI Financial Solutions

Lauren took the time to understand what out requirements were, she gave us honest and easy to understand feedback, and we have had tremendous results, and positive client feedback. I would have no issue in recommending Laurens services to anybody keen to grow their business and online footprint.

Bronwyn, Cloudhouse Consulting

I contacted LMF because I didn't know where to start or how to target ideal clients. I was trying to manage the marketing myself, trying bits and pieces, implementing things, changing my mind, and then getting frustrated. As my business grew, marketing fell off the radar. LMF stepped in, and I have been able to relax. 

Jess, Finish Beauty

Lauren is incredible at what she does! She has helped my business immensely and any investment in her services has doubled or even tripled in value with my revenue. Wouldn't work with anyone else!

Kristie, Sol Hair

Lauren is friendly, professional and easy to communicate with. I have been focusing on SEO with her and have seen huge growth within my business. I highly recommend. Thanks Lauren

Working alongside my email expert, we're able to map out, implement and manage strategic email marketing campaigns for your business that helps drive real results.

It can seem like an unnecessary channel at first, but once you understand the power of email marketing and what our team can achieve, you'll be itching to get set up, automated and sending regularly!

With expert knowledge in email and automation, plus years of experience delivering campaigns across varied industries, we're ready to support you!

Email isn't just an after thought for us, it's one of the main channels we work on to achieve great results!

I'm Lauren! Your main cheerleader & email strategy whizz.

We're ready to support your business.

Frequently asked questions

Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Email Marketing is still the most powerful digital marketing tool, even in 2021. Whether you’re aiming to increase your sales, build brand awareness, retain current customers or attract new ones, Email Marketing is effective and efficient. The average Return On Investment on Email Marketing is 122%! That is four times higher than any other digital marketing channel.

If Email Marketing campaigns are created correctly, with compelling subject lines, engaging, personalised content and strategic messaging targeted at the right audiences, they can have a powerful effect on your sales. 

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

Email Marketing campaigns have many benefits including they:
> allow businesses to reach audiences that are already engaged and aware of their brand
> deliver targeted, personalised messages and content to various audience segments
> increase sales and communicate promotions to customers fast, and effectively
> provide valuable insights, making it easy to measure ROI
> increase website traffic and build stronger customer relationships
> can be used to “nudge” customers and remind them to make or finalise purchases

What Are The Types Of Email Marketing?

There are several different types of Email Marketing, and the types you use will depend on your goals and objectives. The most common types of Email Marketing include: welcome emails, lead nurturing emails, re-engagement emails, brand story emails, email newsletters, promotional emails, review request emails and survey emails. Using a selected mixture of these types of emails, is ideal for success.

What email platforms do we work with?

We don't force you to use any particular email marketing platform, as it is important to be using the best suited for your business and goals. We're able to work with you on your preferred platform, but in particular we specialise in using Klaviyo, Active Campaign, Flodesk and Mailchimp, as these are leading email marketing providers commonly used by businesses.

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