Google Advertising allows businesses to tap into a constant flow of website traffic, high quality, relevant leads, and increased sales. It enables us to turn that flow on and off to suit your business goals and resources.

Google Advertising is unique as businesses are able to reach consumers as they are actively searching for their desired product or service, almost instantly.

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If you’re ready to ramp up your efforts, get your business in front of the right people and invest in quality leads that convert into sales or enquiries, then Google Advertising is exactly what you need. We are Google Advertising specialists that create efficient sales channels for business.

Is your website performing well but you just aren’t seeing the sales that your business requires or deserves?

Is your website attracting a large amount of traffic, but just not the right audience?

Do you know that you have a great product or service but don’t think people are finding it through Google?

Does this sound like you?

Boost your online sales and enquiries with ease, with strategic Google Advertising Management.

In-depth strategy to decide what type of Ads best suit your business and compile targeted keywords that are relevant to your product or service.

Account set-up, website tracking implementation & Google account integration.

Campaign creation & ad copywriting.

Ongoing Google Ads management, monitoring and weekly optimisations to the campaign.

Monthly campaign performance report PLUS regular recommendations for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisations) on your website.

What's included in your Google Ads campaign management:

We can tailor your Google Ads to achieve your ideal business results, whether you’re aiming to make more sales, increase website traffic or get more calls or enquiries. We create compelling Ads to appeal to your ideal audiences and set a monthly budget based on your desired results. 

Google Ads use PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing so your business only pays for the Ad when a consumer clicks on their Ad. They are customisable and allow specific targeting enabling businesses to choose when their ads will appear based on times of day, days of the week, seasons, months, etc. This means you can turn off your ads in the predicted slow periods of business, and turn them on during your peak seasons.

Google aims to give a user the most relevant result for their search, and therefore rank Ads based on a number of factors. Google considers your bid amount (favouring the highest bidder), ad quality and relevance, competitiveness of your keywords (how many other businesses are bidding on your keywords), the context of the users search (how relevant your ad is to that user) and many other factors.

Google Advertising is complicated and can be ineffective and a waste of money when not utilised correctly. Don’t take a gamble - hire Google Advertising Experts!

Get Your Website & Products In Front of Interested Searchers.

Google Ads is an effective search marketing activity thanks to it’s pretty instantaneous results. You can deliver your website ads and products on high-competition search results quickly, ensuring that you’re being seen by those that are interested in your offerings.

Whether you’ve been thinking about Google Ads for a while, or have been investing with another agency but aren’t seeing results, we can take on your Google Ads management and deliver great results. With on-going optimisations to ads and audiences, as well as continued review and live reporting, you will feel confident in our ability to manage your Google Ads and will see the results for yourself.



Continue to build the connection with those who have already engaged with your website through remarketing ads.

Remarketing allows you to strategically position your ads across Google and its Partner sites as your website visitors continue browsing.

By 'following' your site visitors across sites you help to build your brand awareness and nurture individuals to take action (purchase or enquiry).

Remarketing ads

Display Ads appear across multiple internet channels, as well as on search engine results, and allow more engaging visuals.

Engage users and capture their attention earlier in the buying cycle. Put your ads in front of potential consumers before they start searching for your products or services, or remind and remarket to users who have previously visited your website.

Display Ads are shown on the Google Display Network, where they reach over 90% of global internet users across millions of websites.

Display Ads

Promote your products in the top positions on Google and streamline the purchase process for customers.

Shopping Ads act as a visual online store, displaying your products image, price, description, business name and various details to the consumer when they have searched for your product in Google.

Shopping Ads work well for product-based businesses, giving consumers a preview of your product and allow you to offer competitive pricing compared to other businesses.

Shopping Ads

Google Ads use PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing where brands pay, or auction, for certain keywords, in order to appear at the top of specific Google searches, and only pay when their advertisement is clicked.

Search Ads use text with a headline, URL and description, optimised to encourage search users to click through to a business website or landing page.

Search Ads appear to users who are actively searching for your business's product or service in Google already.

Search Ads

Types of Google Ads We Manage

from $1,700 / mth

Amplify your online presence and ensure long-term stability from Google. By bundling Google Ads with SEO you are improving the performance of both channels, as the two feed off each other.

By implementing this multi-channel approach you also set up your website to perform independently of Google Ad - so if your spend decreases or stops, you still show up within the rankings.

perfect for google domination

with SEO


On Request

Want to reach your audience across multiple channels? Pairing your Google Ads with a second channel can help to reinforce your brand and nurture customers to take action.

This is especially powerful for businesses that experience longer conversion windows and require a more detailed nurturing within their decision-making process.

ask us about your best option!

Another Channel


$1,600 / mth

▪️ For medium-to-large businesses and enterprises wanting expert support from a dedicated Google Ads Manager.
▪️ Everything included within Tier 1
▪️  Up to 6 campaigns across Search & Shopping, as relevant for your business.
▪️ Display Campaign for retargeting, using creative provided by you.


Google Ads Management Tier 2


$900 / mth

▪️ For small-to-medium businesses that are ready to grow.
▪️ Search & Shopping Campaign set-up, with up to 4 Ad campaigns.
▪️ Platform set-up, including installing of relevant tracking & conversion tags
▪️  Competitor & rankings analysis to inform strategy direction.
▪️  Set-up of grouped Ad Sets for strategic targeting & optimisations
▪️  Keyword research for your specific industry relevant to your campaign.
▪️ Ad copy writing & ongoing optimisation.
▪️ Creation of Ad Extensions relevant to your business & conversion goals.
▪️ Landing page audit & CRO recommendations  to support conversion on your website.
▪️ Weekly optimisations on targeting, bid adjustments & more.
▪️ Monthly performance report.


Google Ads Management Tier 1


These bold business owners partnered with us. Will you? 

Sofie, Botanica Day Spa

We have been working with Lauren for quite a few years now and can say she is so pleasant to work with. She is very detailed and thorough and we have seen some amazing results from working with LMF Marketing. Highly recommend Lauren and her amazing work!

Andrew, Cake In A Box

All of the deep digital marketing, SEO and technical knowledge you'd expect from a big digital marketing firm but with the understanding, patience and care of a trusted partner. Lauren's strategies have allowed our business to steadily grow with a mixture of Google, FB/Instagram and Email marketing with healthy returns.

Jiveny, Dating Coach

I love how this woman works! She makes SEO and social media marketing easy for small business owners and I can't wait to keep growing my business with her! :-)

Suz, Bare Roots

I have been working with Lauren for over a year now and her communication and work ethic is incredible. She has taught me so much and is always filled with great ideas.

Lauren, Seriously Sorted

Lauren is a Digital Marketing and SEO genius! She has a super genuine and friendly approach to a topic that is very daunting to me! 

Valerie, Oceanview Kiama

You have done amazing work in giving us the very best results we have ever had! 99% of bookings are now coming directly and how good is that!!!

Chris, SMI Financial Solutions

Lauren took the time to understand what out requirements were, she gave us honest and easy to understand feedback, and we have had tremendous results, and positive client feedback. I would have no issue in recommending Laurens services to anybody keen to grow their business and online footprint.

Bronwyn, Cloudhouse Consulting

I contacted LMF because I didn't know where to start or how to target ideal clients. I was trying to manage the marketing myself, trying bits and pieces, implementing things, changing my mind, and then getting frustrated. As my business grew, marketing fell off the radar. LMF stepped in, and I have been able to relax. 

Jess, Finish Beauty

Lauren is incredible at what she does! She has helped my business immensely and any investment in her services has doubled or even tripled in value with my revenue. Wouldn't work with anyone else!

Kristie, Sol Hair

Lauren is friendly, professional and easy to communicate with. I have been focusing on SEO with her and have seen huge growth within my business. I highly recommend. Thanks Lauren

We specialise in Search Marketing, which includes Google Ads or pay-per-click advertising. This is a powerful channel to quickly bring your business to the top spots in search results.

We have worked with dozens of businesses, both big and small, over the years to increase their traffic, sales and enquiries coming through from Google.

With Google always evolving though, it's no set & forget practice, and we are constantly learning and improving our strategies and campaign outcomes in Google Ads.

my team and i are dedicated to google ads, yep sounds weird, but you have to be! it is always evolving!

I'm Lauren! Your main cheerleader & strategy whizz.

Meet your Google Ads specialist.

Frequently asked questions

Why Should I Invest in Google Ads?

There are 2.3 million searches conducted on Google every second, and almost 5 billion search queries per day. Google Ads allow businesses to reach consumers as they are actively searching for their product or service. They are an effective, short-term marketing strategy that complement SEO, putting your website within the top results on selected search terms.

Google Ads also allow you to display your products within the Shopping section of Google, for streamlined sales and more eyes on your products. As well as being able to deliver Display Ads across Google Partner websites to build brand recognition and retarget users who have previously visited your website.

Are Google Ads Profitable?

Google suggests that for every $1 advertisers spend on Google Ads, they make $8. Google allows businesses to reach an unlimited number of people and stay within their budget by pausing their advertising during slow periods and adjusting bids at any time.

When set-up properly and optimised effectively, the ROI achievable via Google Ads means they are a profitable marketing strategy for many businesses. It is important to recognise that when you invest in Google Ads however that it is not a switch to flick on for incredible results, like any marketing tactic it takes time to gather data and effectively optimise the campaign to a level where it is ticking along at a highly profitable level.

How Much Does Google Ads Management Cost?

Google Ads management starts from $700 per month, and this includes a strategic Search campaign. We then create a tailored package to suit your needs if multiple campaigns or ad types are required, or if you have a selection of product categories or service regions.

The cost of your Google Ads media spend will depend on your advertising budget, the competitiveness of your industry, keywords and location. We always provide a recommended minimum spend following our research for your proposal which we believe is suited to achieving your goals. Historically though we find that any less than $25 per day is too little to achieve positive results in the short term.

What Types of Google Ads Can We Manage?

We can manage all Google Ad types; Search, Shopping, Display, Remarketing, ensuring that the most suitable ad type is used for your business, offering and goals.

With each ad option delivering ads in different ways, it can be worth investing in multiple ad types at the same time to increase online search presence and help nurture your audience. We can guide you on the most suitable ad types for your business and budget.

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