Consumers use Google to search for their desired product or service, and if your business isn’t on page one, you might as well not exist. We offer transparent, effective SEO for various business sizes and industries to help them reach their ideal customers.


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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a tactic to increase your website's visibility when users search for products, services or terms relating to your business, sending more traffic and high quality leads to your website. You need a trusted SEO specialist- and you’ve come to the right place!

Have you invested in a website that was a big outlay to your business but haven’t seen any leads come in yet?

Have you noticed that it’s not getting much traffic to it and you can barely find yourself online when you search for your business name?

Are you hesitant to spend on Google Advertising because you just don’t have the budget right now?

Does this sound like you?

Ensure your business is found by those who are actively searching for your product or service.

There’s over 400 million active websites, you need to ensure Google recognises and prioritises yours

With only 10 organic results on page 1, only the best performing sites will be seen

Less than 1% of people click beyond page 1 search results in Google, so you NEED to be on page 1

Google has over 200 ranking factors to decide which website is shown in the results

46% of all Google searches are local, so your local business needs to be showing up

Why Is SEO Important For Growing Your Business Online?

We’re SEO Experts Boosting Small Business Presence Online

Search Engine Optimisation is a tactic of optimising your website to ensure that Google can effectively crawl, index and serve your website pages across the searches your customers are making.

You can think of SEO like a cake- anyone can bake a cake, but without the right ingredients (expert knowledge and experience), you won’t be able to make a great cake.

Having a website for your business is just one piece of the puzzle. The real game changer is having quality leads driven to your website, converting into loyal, long term customers.

When you have a well-ranking website within Google, you will get an automatic increase in leads coming through to your website. Unlike social media, the leads won’t stop if you stop. You don’t have to constantly post, engage or update. SEO is the ultimate marketing channel.



As specialists in search engine optimisation, we’re helping businesses improve their website visibility within the ‘organic’ search engine results with affordable SEO solutions.
We have a strategic process to SEO, where we break the process down into steps, making it more effective and easy for you to understand. We’re committed to transparency and honesty in SEO and pride ourselves on being one of the best agencies in Brisbane.

The strategic approach we take towards your tailored SEO campaign allows us to optimise the technical elements required to boost your ranking, drive a greater flow of traffic to your site and expand the overall visibility of your brand within Google.

Increasing organic traffic will allow your business to reach a previously untapped source of customers, placing a strong focus on attracting your ideal target audience who is already actively searching for you.

When venturing into the digital marketing space of SEO, it is important to follow a process that consistently upholds best practice standards. As a professional SEO agency, our team is equipped with the knowledge needed to efficiently navigate the complexity of search engine channels, to achieve the greatest optimisation of your website.

SEO helps improve your overall website usability and function, for a better customer experience.

Improve Website Functionality 

SEO has long-lasting results and you can expect to see traffic and leads from your investment long after your campaign has finished.

Invest in Long Term Success

By optimising for the keywords that are most important and relevant to your business, you generate a higher calibre of enquiry.

Generate Better Leads

SEO will put your business in front of users who are actively searching for your product or services on Google.

Increase Visibility Online

Here's how it works!

These bold business owners partnered with us. Will you? 

Sofie, Botanica Day Spa

We have been working with Lauren for quite a few years now and can say she is so pleasant to work with. She is very detailed and thorough and we have seen some amazing results from working with LMF Marketing. Highly recommend Lauren and her amazing work!

Andrew, Cake In A Box

All of the deep digital marketing, SEO and technical knowledge you'd expect from a big digital marketing firm but with the understanding, patience and care of a trusted partner. Lauren's strategies have allowed our business to steadily grow with a mixture of Google, FB/Instagram and Email marketing with healthy returns.

Jiveny, Dating Coach

I love how this woman works! She makes SEO and social media marketing easy for small business owners and I can't wait to keep growing my business with her! :-)

Suz, Bare Roots

I have been working with Lauren for over a year now and her communication and work ethic is incredible. She has taught me so much and is always filled with great ideas.

Lauren, Seriously Sorted

Lauren is a Digital Marketing and SEO genius! She has a super genuine and friendly approach to a topic that is very daunting to me! 

Valerie, Oceanview Kiama

You have done amazing work in giving us the very best results we have ever had! 99% of bookings are now coming directly and how good is that!!!

Chris, SMI Financial Solutions

Lauren took the time to understand what out requirements were, she gave us honest and easy to understand feedback, and we have had tremendous results, and positive client feedback. I would have no issue in recommending Laurens services to anybody keen to grow their business and online footprint.

Bronwyn, Cloudhouse Consulting

I contacted LMF because I didn't know where to start or how to target ideal clients. I was trying to manage the marketing myself, trying bits and pieces, implementing things, changing my mind, and then getting frustrated. As my business grew, marketing fell off the radar. LMF stepped in, and I have been able to relax. 

Jess, Finish Beauty

Lauren is incredible at what she does! She has helped my business immensely and any investment in her services has doubled or even tripled in value with my revenue. Wouldn't work with anyone else!

Kristie, Sol Hair

Lauren is friendly, professional and easy to communicate with. I have been focusing on SEO with her and have seen huge growth within my business. I highly recommend. Thanks Lauren

Here at LMF though, we understand how daunting it can seem! Unfortunately SEO has developed a pretty bad rep thanks to dodgy providers and murky tactics.

We're here to change that though! My team and I are a boutique SEO agency that is transparent and honest on the optimisations we're making on your website.

Don't worry though, the results speak for themselves! We've worked in SEO for a combined 20yrs now and love to work our Google magic for clients!

I think this is one of the most under-rated channels in digital marketing, it has so much potential!

I'm Lauren! Head nerd ready to teach you all about SEO.

Meet your SEO specialist.

Frequently asked questions

How Exactly Does SEO Work?

Search Engine Optimisation is the marketing practice of improving your website’s performance within Google so that it performs better within the search results, meaning more interested customers find and visit your website. With SEO it’s important to remember that Google is the one that calls all the shots, and what we need to do is ensure your website is ticking all the right boxes for Google.

It’s a long list of items that Google is looking for as well, from the back-end of your website which include technical elements and coded items, to the front-end and your content, to how customers and other websites engage with your business website.

By optimising these elements that Google’s measuring you on, we can improve where your website sits within the ranking results. The better your perform across all of the items that Google’s looking for, the more authority it allocates to your site, the more keywords it deems you worthy to show up on and the higher you move in rankings.

How Much is SEO?

As SEO campaigns are completely tailored to your business and it’s goals, the cost involved in a campaign will vary from business to business. If you operate in a highly competitive industry with some big businesses, expect to invest more overall compared to smaller, local businesses aiming to show up on only a handful of service-based search queries.

As Google has refined it’s algorithm over the years, it requires a lot more targeted and consistent effort to see desired results. So don’t expect to pay less than $500 per month, and be wary if you’re quoted this. The combined and ongoing efforts across technical and content optimisations to see long-lasting and authentic results requires real investment.

How Long Does SEO Take to Work?

We do not offer SEO campaigns for less than 6 months, as it requires time to implement the changes and see movement from the optimisations made. As it requires a mixed effort to see results, it’s normal to see quicker movement across some keywords than others based on the competitiveness.

I advise clients to not expect to see ranking results before month 3 of the campaign, and to understand that it takes time from then onward to continue seeing upward movement across all keywords. Due to the nature of Google’s algorithm and the constant fluctuations that can happen, we require at least 6 months to optimise, review and then continue to optimise the site based on initial results. It’s a continual game of improvement!

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